The quality that makes Silk route Tracking Software stand at the topmost position in the affiliate industry as the first choice of affiliates is its unique and smart features that help affiliate to get maximum profit out of their campaigns.

Silk Route is awarded as User-Friendly and easy affiliate tracking software with most accurate results.

Silk Route requires no efforts in installation just follow a few easy & simple steps and silk route will be installed in no time.

Silk Route is easy to use, its design, sturture and flow makes its easy to use additionally the terminology used is well versatile. The design itself is compatible to any kind of devices, like mobile, tablet, laptop and pc's.

Every Software somewhere lacks in providing user friendly interface , but silk route doesnt, its interface is specially build in order to provide best user friendly interface for every user.

The Dashboard has summary of independent data available in software, you can check every detail on its dashboard, also it has isolated dashboards for its clients and network users.

Silk Route has its complete customization in user's hand. You can easily add up or remove things using its settings and additionally you can also customize setting related to Panel and interface.

Silk Route Provides vast language support. Change it according to your ease and use.

Many software have limited number of payment options with no changable currency, but in silk route you dont have to face that problem, You can have multiple currency, additon to that an admin / client and offers can have seprate currencies at a time.

Silk Route provides a user friendly and very secured and seprate network interface for its network users. Addition to that a network has access to everything.

Like Network interface a publisher also has its own seprate interface with all those options that a publisher requires.

Like Network interface an advertiser also has its own seprate interface with all those options that a advertiser requires.

Each Publisher/advertuser and employee can manage their own account and can create multiple users to use the software at once. In this way multiple users can simultaneously use silk route at once.

Network has access to all publisher/advertiser and offers which makes it easy for network to manage all the things at one place . Addition to that network can keep track of its users and manage them.

Network can assign account managers to publishers as publisher manager and similarly account manager to advetiser as advertiser manager who will manage accounts on the behalf of publisher/advertiser, addition to that the account manager recieves the notification of users under its account.

Virtual Login facility is given to the network that is a network can virtually login into an affiliate or advertiser account and can check out its details and activities.

Network Employees and Advertiser has complete authority to create and manage offer, Advertiser can only access the offers under its account but this isnt a barrier for the Network Employee.

Network Employee and Affiliate can create and run campaings, Campaigns can be created and run in number of ways and a number of types like iframe campaign or javascript Campaign.

Addition to Customization, Silk Route Comes in a number of themes, you can choose your theme at the time of installation or you can change your theme from settings any time. Addition to this any theme can be customised as per user requirement.

Software Always lacks in providing changable timezone, there is no option to choose your timezone or change your timezone as per requirement but this isnt a problem in silk route you can choose your time zone when ever you require.

Every user uses seprate payment method and many times we dont get what we want, so to avoid such issue maximum number of payment methods are added to this software.

Invoice Generation is always the most hectic part of the work. But Silk Route has optimised this to such an end that invoice generation has become the most easiest work to do, addition to this you can get printable copy of invoice in no time.

Network Employee and Affiliate user get notifications and these notifications depend on the activity they perform. Network Recieves the notification of affiliate and advertiser where as affiliate recieves the notification of network and its own activities.

Report is the most customisable feature of the Silk Route, Each User has access to reports, an user can check report related to the offers, conversions and etc. Addition to this, reports can be accessed with different time zones.

Similar to report, statistics provide a graphical representation of overall income, current offers, affiliates ,conversions, clicks and advertisers.

This is the most active system of silk route , it records each and every action that are performed by affiliates , advertiser and Network user them self but are accessable only to network users.

This is a Tool Developed by silk route developers which works to detect and remove fraud from the software, This prevents fake user from accessing and harming any confidential information.

Track your offers without creating Client side cookies and on behalf of cookie generate your own server side transaction id.

Tracking can be real and fraud so as to remove fraud tracking, you can use our feature to encrypt the tracking links. This way tracking becomes completely secured.

To get optimized traffic on offer use targetting, targetting set a criteria for browsers mobile and country to access one offer.

Targetting a offer on a basis of mobile is a very diligent work to do and requires expertise as their is no record of which offer was targetted in which mobile, so to avoid this we have a feature to access tracking of targetted mobiles and get maximum information of the device like brand, model ,os and etc.

Network Employee work is very wide and some times its not possible for one user to do all work. So Network employee can create multiple employees and give them specific amount of access permissions.

Every Account manager can be awarded commision on the basis of activity of an affiliate. Each Account manager can have their own seprate commission criteria. And can be paid as per that.

Software Like this requires fast/quick alerts to their affiliate/advertiser and employees and this can be acheived using mailing. Addition to this Network Employee Can send multiple mail at once using our bulk mail facility.

Every Mail that is sent using Silk Route can be customized and modified as per Network Employee Requirements.

Customize your favicon and Logo , footer links and front page content using this settings.

for tracking a software there are default tracking domains, but user can add multiple tracking domain and use them for tracking.

for technical help there is always a support avaiable to all the users of silk route.

Allow your users to unsubscribe them from recieving email from you, this can be done by creating a suppression list.

Upload and store images/html ad's/flash banner/files/email creative and many more in silk route and use them at the time of campaings and in offers.

you can have multiple conversion caps on the basis of daily / monthly - payout / revenue.

Customize the affiliate and advertiser signup, add additional questions to answer , add/remove captcha and customize the terms and conditions.

Use import and Export data to import/export offer , advertisers and affiliates with no limit in data, ie import/export all data at once.

Apart from all of the above their are many more features that can be discovered and used.